top 10 blogging mistakes to avoid if you want to succeed in 2020

top 10 blogging mistakes to avoid if you want to succeed in 2021

TOP 10 Blogging Mistakes

If you are starting blogging than plzz dont do the same mistakes that everyone do,want to know that mistake than read this artical

Top 10 Common Blogging Mistakes

  • 1. Not doing any keyword research
  • 2. Inconsistency in blog posting schedule
  • 3. Not focusing on ONE niche
  • 4. Focusing more on quantity rather than quality
  • 5. Not building a blog community
  • 6. Not having a monetization plan
  • 7. Stop using images from Google
  • 8. Creating a free blog
  • 9. Giving up too early
  • 10. Not investing money on growing your blog

1. What is keyword research?

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing actual search terms that people enter into search engines. The insight you can get into these actual search terms can help inform content strategy, as well as your larger marketing strategy.

Why is keyword research important?

More and more, we hear how much SEO has evolved over just the last 10 years, and how unimportant keywords themselves have become to our ability to rank well for the searches people make every day.

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2. Inconsistency in blog posting schedule

Inconsistency in blog posting schedule

There are so many blogging superstars who’ve emerged recently and there’s one reason that differentiates the successful bloggers from the failure which is “consistency”.
Not only in blogging but consider any field in the world, consistent people will succeed.
That’s why “don’t focus on the results”. Instead, focus on creating a consistent blog posting schedule and stick to it. Even if you’re posting one post a week, stick to it for an year and it becomes a routine for you!
Here’s the key to creating a proper blog posting frequency.
Publish less frequently but make your content extremely detailed.
Gone are the days where you can publish blog posts daily to get more search traffic. Yes, search engines like Google loves fresh content but it doesn’t mean you should publish mediocre contents every single day.
Quality beats quantity.
It’s always better to create 1 in-depth article instead of publishing 5 crappy posts as in the long run in-depth contents perform really well over average blog posts. If you’re covering any topic, make sure to include A to Z information about it.
3. there are 3 Reasons Why Focusing on a Specific Niche Can Help Your Business
Why Focusing on a Specific Niche Can Help Your Business

1. Customers know authenticity versus insincerity

When you focus on one customer base, and you are aligned closely with that customer, you can truly resonate with them and build trust. Customers can feel your authenticity and the focus results in a bond.
Oppositely, trying to appeal to several types of customers can create disconnect. If you aren't truly aligned with a customer, or truly know their experiences or interests, then they will detect your insincerity. Also, claiming to be an expert in many things can dilute your message. It's not possible to be an expert in multiple things, and this creates doubt.

2. Customers trust the expertise of a specialized provider

In my experiences as a business development officer focusing on B2B (business-to-business) sales, I learned that potential customers are hiring your product or service to do a certain job. Before closing a deal, they must reach a high level of trust in you and your solution. Specialty providers are more likely to inspire confidence than their generalist counterparts because they focus on one product or service, and that focus better meets the needs of a customer. 

3. Broad marketing efforts are less effective

In the years before I was an entrepreneur (ten years ago), I helped clients establish a presence online with SEO (search engine optimization) and grow revenue through online marketing. By far the biggest mistake I enountered was spreading a marketing budget across too many customer segments, ad campaigns or marketing channels.
Online marketing campaigns with broad audience settings, or too many campaigns, did not perform as well as campaigns that were highly-focused. When your marketing is focused enough to account for a specific customer on a specific platform, your ad will resonate more strongly with the customer and you'll see better ROI versus just placing generic ads in as many places as possible.

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4. why Focusing more on quantity rather than quality
why Focusing more on quantity rather than quality

For a business that is not yet well established, their path to success lies in providing the best quality of their services and products. Businesses value quality over quantity.
No matter which industry your organization belongs to, the way your business speaks determines how you attract your customers. The performance and sustainability of a business depend on the quality of either the services, products or the data that a business shares.
Ask yourself, which business would you prefer? A business that has a wide range of service/products with extremely low quality or a business which has a small range of products/services which are excellent in quality?
Despite this, many businesses have developed a notion that focusing on quantity is what brings them success. A huge quantity of viewers or customers does bring instant gratification, but for the long run quality visitors matter. Fake followers are a real problem for any business, they are of no good. As seen in today’s marketing scenario, many businesses are often seen with fake followers on Instagram and other social media channels just to keep up the number of viewers on your website.

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5. Why Build Community on Your Blog?

Why Build Community on Your Blog

Let's take a bit deeper look at some of the benefits of focusing upon reader engagement and building community on your blog.

1. Community Increases Your Blog’s Usefulness

2. Community Builds Social Proof

3. Community Increases Page Views

4. Community Makes Your Blog More Attractive to Advertisers

5. Community Makes Your Blog Easier to Create and Sell Products

6. Community Makes Your Blog More Attractive to Sell

7. Community Creates an Army of Advocates and Evangelists

8. Community Can Help with User Generated Content

9. Community Brings More Personal Satisfaction to Blogging

6. Why we have a monetization plan?

Why we have a monetization plan

What’s the foremost important factor that determines the success of your blog in the long run?
If you said, having the RIGHT monetization strategy, you’re absolutely right. Unfortunately, most beginner bloggers don’t come up with a sales funnel or monetization plan.
All they do is create random blog posts and wait for the traffic to grow so they can monetize their traffic sources. That’s a wrong approach.
If you want to build a money making blog, you need to have a monetization plan even before you launch your blog. You need to find out and analyse things that help you make money within the first year.
Yes, it is really difficult to make more money in the first year itself but you need to set your target low which are actually achievable. Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s end chapter as comparison don’t help you grow!
7. Reasons To Add Images To Your Blog Posts
Reasons To Add Images To Your Blog Posts

1. Visually Appealing
“A picture is worth a thousand words”.
Having an image makes your content look visually appealing, but this is true only when you are using the right image to convey your message. Your image should be relevant to the context of the article and should be somehow related.
2. Image Search Engine Traffic
Images also help you grab lots of traffic from image search engines. But for this to work, you might need to optimize a few things like the Alt text and image description.
3. More Social Media Shares
Not only it will compel users to share your content on their social media networks, it also helps you to drive more traffic from social media sites.
4. Increases the Length of the Article
When you use an image within your article, it helps to make the post look longer. It doesn’t increase the word count of the article, but it helps in making it look more detailed.
5. Explanation
Remember when you were a kid and you could remember something just by looking at a picture? Most people don’t lose this skill as they grow.

8. Disadvantages of free blog sites

Disadvantages of free blog sites

These are some of the most important disadvantages of free blog sites.

They simply look bad

If you want your blog to be taken seriously, you need to have a well-thought-out name that reflects your ideas or that is connected to the niche of your blog in some way. If you choose a free blogging platform, you are going to have a blog name in the form of or which is the sign of an inexperienced beginner who probably won’t be taken seriously. If you are a business owner, you don’t want this kind of reputation following you around.

Limited capabilities

Appearances aside, free blogging platforms can also prove to be inconvenient, as the control you have over them is quite limited. If you use WordPress software on your self-hosted blog, you can easily download new plugins, update your site’s appearance and capabilities, and allow your blog to grow with you. A free platform alternative only grants you access to a handful of themes and functions, which will only result in less engagement and more users leaving eventually.

Low monetization potential

User experience and monetization potential are also affected by free blog sites. For starters, you are going to have a limited amount bandwidth, memory space as well as video time, which reflects poorly on the user experience. Also, your advertising options are limited, so if you are blogging to make a name for yourself and earn by displaying ads on your site, you will have a hard time achieving this on your free blog site.

You can lose everything

Finally, if you rely on a free blogging platform, you can simply wake up one morning and see that your entire website has vanished. If the company feels you are violating the terms of service agreement, they can simply delete your site with no warning
9. Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Blog
Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Blog

1. You’ve put in a lot to just let it all go.

Remember when you were just starting your blog, the amount of time you invested on the internet researching about how to start a blog.  The materials you read. If this is not reason enough as to why you shouldn’t give up on blogging, then let’s talk about the money you invested.
Every blogger knows that starting a blog requires money. From buying a domain, &hosting (for those on self-hosted), buying premium themes and sometimes running ads or hiring some technical support.

2. You started blogging because you are passionate about it.

You probably joined the blogging world because you were passionate about it. Passionate about providing solutions to your audience, providing information to people regardless of your niche. Just like many bloggers, it all starts as a passion and then the monetization part comes into play at a later time. So if you feel like you want to give up, just ignite your passion towards blogging, toward solving issues you are addressed with and the fire that was burning inside you when you were just starting out will spark again.

3. If others have made it, you too can make it.

I am sure all of us have seen income reports from other bloggers at one time. So if they made it, that means it’s achievable and you too can make it. It might happen at different times, but at least we know that it’s sure as hell possible to make an income from your blog.

4. Blogging takes time to pay off.

There is saying that says all good things take time. I mean if it was that easy everyone would be blogging. Blogging is hard work and it definitely takes time. Every blog takes a different amount of time to take off so don’t compare yourself with other successful blogs because you don’t know how long it took them to reach their blogs where they are currently.

5. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for others. 

There are people who visit your blog to get valuable information, to be encouraged and inspired by your posts, so don’t do them a disservice by quitting your blog.
Remember when you told people you gonna be a successful blogger, don’t prove them right that you’ve failed.
10. Not investing money on growing your blog
Not investing money on growing your blog

First and foremost, if you want to monetize your blog, you need to go self-hosted. This means creating a site that does not live on something like, Blogger or Squarespace. Self-hosting allows you to have complete control of what happens on both the back- and front-end of your blog. It gives you so much more control over your site’s functionality and customization. And it is a requirement if you want to monetize.

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