Top 10 websites for learn coding in 2020

 Top 10 websites to learn coding in 2020 Top 10 websites to learn coding

Online developments and technological advancements have made it necessary for us to learn new skills. In this age of globalization and information-reliance, one of the most crucial skills is coding. In many cases, it can directly affect career development.
Even if you’re not in the web development field, learning how to code can help you improve your business performance as well as enhance skills such as logical thinking and problem-solving.
If you’re a designer, learning how to code is even more important. Having basic programming knowledge allows you to collaborate with developers more efficiently. Today, I am gonna introduce 10 best websites to learn coding for beginners.

1. BitDegree

BitDegree has tons of free online courses. These include both standard programming as well as gamified courses. Gamified courses are those which help to bring achievement and interaction into the learning process. All you have to do is choose your language and start learning.
Here are some of the most popular courses people take on BitDegree – HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL, JQuery
What’s unique about BitDegree is it incorporates Blockchain into the education process. There are transparent rewards and an achievement system that helps businesses to recruit young talent and measure course success.

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2. Codecademy


If you are into coding, chances are you already know about Codecademy. It is among the most popular online websites to learn to code. Codecademy has a wide range of languages starting from introductory programming to more advanced languages. The interactive learning approach lets you immediately apply what you’ve learned into real life projects.
There are over 300 million hours of free coding content available to take you from complete beginner to an advanced programmer. Here are some popular languages you’ll be able to learn at Code Academy – HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby.

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3. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare

The OpenCourseWare Initiative brings all of MIT’s undergraduate and graduate courses online. This means even if you’re not enrolled in MIT, you can get an MIT-level education. Not only will you get Computer Science courses, but you’ll also get other subjects as well.
Make sure you check out the introductory computer programming courses like Python, C and C++, and Java.

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4. freeCodeCamp


freeCodeCamp gives you a more practical sense of programming knowledge. It is all about applying your programming skills and building a community around it. freeCodeCamp has got various challenges and tutorials to help you complete them.
Once you have some skills you’ll be able to apply this to the real world by building tradable projects and coding for non-profits. Some of the languages you can learn include – HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Node.js, React.js, D3.js, Databases, Git, and Github.

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 revolves around the idea to make programming a part of the regular education curriculum. Over a million people have used to make their programming knowledge and skill better.
There are multiple options for you. If you are short with time, you can take the 1-hour courses. OR perhaps if you want a more structured approach in learning, you can take full courses.
There’s also a large catalog of courses which is broken down by different age ranges from Junior levels to even University level.

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6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a massive platform which has courses in many subjects. It’s a great place to start developing and gaining knowledge about coding. Khan Academy has courses ranging from computer programming basics, all the way up to advanced applications.
You can learn courses like HTML, CSS, Javascript and even Databases on Khan Academy. There are also foundational courses that teach you computer programming’s philosophy and skills.

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7. edX


edX is an open source learning platform which is supported by Microsoft. It currently has a network of over 5 million students. The website has many branches of learning which include Computer Science.
Here you will find tutorials that teach you languages like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Java, C++, C#. Python, SQL, and even mobile app development

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8. Web Fundamentals by Google

Web Fundamentals by Google

Web Fundamentals’ goal is to provide useful and up to date tutorials about the web’s latest and best practices. It was created by Google. There are many tutorials here which will help you learn the cutting edge practices for programming on the modern web.
Web Fundamentals is a great resource for you if you are into web development and want to expand your knowledge.

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9. Coursera


Coursera is also among the most famous inline resources for learning programming languages. It has got various coding-based courses, tutorials, and resources taught by professors at leading universities. You’ll find many different coding-related courses to choose from on Coursera.
Coursera has partnered with various top tier university teachers. Every course on the site is completely free, but, if you want to receive a certification, then you’ll have to pay for that.
You can get started from courses available like – Python, Java, HTML, CSS, Internet of Things Programming, C, C++, Introduction to Programming and more.

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10. Upskill


Upskill is a web development oriented platform. It will take you from a beginner to an advanced developer. It’s a great place to start even if you have no experience in web development

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